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Artificial Intelligence and Computer
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Research is our passion, development is our business.

Our mission is to solve challenging problems in industry and society using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Our purpose is to apply the most modern Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies to services and products that are mainly focused on Human Behavior Understanding, Human-Machine Interaction, and Deep Monitoring, topics in which our group has almost twenty years of experience.


Core Applications for Society and Industry

We provide our expertise to solve challenges in society and industry using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Our team of researchers and engineers has experience in machine learning, deep learning and image processing. We collaborate with selected partners in different fields and sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, retail, security and safety.

Step 1

Contact us

Get in touch to discuss the challenges to be solved using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Step 2


At the end of a feasibility study, we provide a working prototype tailored to your needs.

Step 3


The prototype becomes a robust and scalable product that can be industrialized.


We develop Goateye: the first privacy-preserving video analytics system based on cutting-edge AI and Computer Vision techniques.


Anonymized video material

Our system produces a corresponding video where people have been completely replaced with anthropomorphic parametric models.


A stronger level of privacy

Our system process the video with no worries about privacy-related rules by directly exploiting our anthropomorphic models.


Impact on a wide range of sectors

Our project can have a huge impact on a wide range of sectors by paving the road to a plethora of new applications that are not possible today.


Why choose GoatAI?


20+ Years of Experience

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.


Science as the basis

Due to our origins as a research laboratory, the scientific method guides each of our projects.


Passion for Innovation

Our passion for innovation allows us to provide the newest and most advanced AI solutions.