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Let’s design
the future of AI together

Let’s design
the future of AI together

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for Human Behavior  Understanding and Industry 4.0
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State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence
at your service.

Research is our passion, Development is our business.

Our mission is to solve challenging problems in industry and society using machine learning and computer vision algorithms.

Our Made in Italy solutions are the result of a deeply entwined collaboration between academic researchers and deep-learning engineers who want to shape the future with Artificial Intelligence.


Why choose us

Our strengths have roots in academia, where passion is the fuel of innovation.

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Science as the Basis of Our Work

Due to our origins as a research laboratory, the scientific method guides each of our projects

20+ Years of Experience

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in AI, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning

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Passion for Innovation

Our passion for innovation allows us to provide the newest and most advanced AI solutions


Core applications for Society and Industry

Human Behavior Understanding

Understanding humans through automated systems is a key aspect for addressing safety and security in public and working places. Many other applications like machine interaction and operator monitoring also rely on cutting edge AI solutions.

AI and Vision for Industry 4.0

Emerging and well established industries are a breeding ground for new AI applications, where computer vision and machine learning can be the best tool for addressing product and process related industry challenges.